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Hiring a Professional Landscaper

A professional can be all sorts of things depending on the area of expertise. For example, you can be a good golfer, but it doesn’t mean that you’re a professional. A professional is someone who specializes in a particular area and the same is true with landscaping. You can be pretty darn good a many …

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Disappearing Water Features

Disappearing water features are all the rage these days. I have to say it took a lot of years to sell me on these little jewels. I grew up with natural water sources all around me and it was hard to imagine you could really get a lot of enjoyment out of a pot with …

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Trees for Central Texas, How to Plant and When

Winter can be a tough time for gardeners because for the most part fall and spring are a gardeners play time. However, winter is not to be left out as this is also a great time to plant trees. Deciduous, evergreen and fruiting alike. If you are buying plants in their dormant stage, it is …

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