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Moonlight Garden

Moonlight gardens are a beautiful concept ideal for those who work long hours and only spend time in their gardens in the evenings or if you just live in Texas where the weather is unbearable until late in the evening. The idea is to use white, soft yellow, silver, blue and lavender to make the …

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Xeriscape Design Austin

For all of those reading this and thinking about going Xeriscape, not sure if you even like Xeriscape, or have not made up your minds one way or the other…This blog’s for you! I started my career over 20 years ago and I was doing Xeriscape long before it was cool. The facts were, I …

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Interview with

This interview was done with Austin’s own which is an online magazine that features local Architects and the businesses that support this community. check out my interview, then check out their home page at and “like” them on facebook. Lisa LaPaso Lisa’s Landscape & Design “Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”

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Take Some Time to Smell the Roses

Well, I would like to say that this is a post for me to help you find your happy place, but frankly, after another very stressful, very busy season is winding down to the arrival of Summers heat, I am doing this to remind myself as well.  Those of you who read this may know …

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Garden Safety

Lets start with what is necessary. Hats, gloves, protective clothing, good shoes, sun block and lots of water to drink. You should always have fun in your garden but you should always be thinking about safety as well. Buy quality tools, you will always get your moneys worth!! There are a huge list of ergonomic …

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