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Mushrooms on my Mulch? It’s a Good Thing!

Mycorrhizal fungi in mulch

One of the questions I hear often after an installation of plants into organic matter or after a heavy rain event is, “What do I do about the Mushrooms growing in my mulch?” The answer is, “Tell them thank you!” Mushrooms growing in your mulch, composted beds or landscape beds are a really good thing …

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Staging Your Landscape to Sell Your Home

Xeriscape Landscape Design, Austin_Lisa LaPaso

While the market can fluctuate from year to year and some months are better than others for selling, there are certain things that could allow you to get a higher return on the sale of your home. Staging your landscape to sell your home is one of them. A home that has a desirable landscape is going …

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10 Quick Tips to Becoming an Organic Gardener

For every small step in the right direction, there is eventually a large reward. When we make even the most minor changes in the way we live our lives, eat, exercise and spend time with our families we will eventually create a change for the better if that is our intention. As with any real change, …

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It’s a Tree Ring Circus!


I honestly have to say this seems to be one of the most confusing elements of tree care for most people so I am here to clear up the confusion. Tree ring mulching techniques are quite simple, keep it looking like they do in the woods. Start With a Berm Obviously there are various stages …

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5 Great Ways to Improve Your Landscape in a Drought

It is estimated that as much as 30% of our water sources in the United States is used on watering lawns.  If you have ever read one of my blogs you know how I feel about sod,  I think it should be illegal…but that being said, many people have lawns and we are now struggling to decide …

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