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Culinary Gardens Austin

Blackberry bramble

It’s Easier Than You Think What do all of these beautiful dishes (above) have in common? Everything fresh came from my garden. Culinary gardens can either be in a raised bed or among the perennial plants, but in either case the key to success is the proper plant selection and lots of compost. You can …

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Sandy Loam, the Red Death

Have you ever wondered what that orangish, sandy dirt is that your home builders lay out before the closing of your home? That mushy when wet / concrete when dry substance is called Sandy Loam but us Master Gardeners refer to it as “Red Death”. Quality is Everything  Sandy Loam is a super cheap dirt …

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Weeds Blow!

Weeds that have gone to seed

While I do appreciate that a weed is simply a plant in an undesirable location, I also understand the chore that comes with them. I never knew what a weed problem was until I moved to a tract of land that was previously a wild space and chemical treated farmland. Acres of open space for …

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Creating Peace In Our Landscape

Peace in the landscape

 I think everyone’s acutely aware of what’s happening in the world around us. And while I think it’s important to stay informed, it’s also important for us to stay grounded and give our heads time to recuperate from the harmful noise in the background. Creating some of that peace in our landscape is a lot …

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Purple Flowering Plants for Central Texas

Purple flowering plants are one of the most requested colors in my landscape designs and for good reason. Purple is the color of luxury, creativity, wisdom and power. Purple is a calming color but also stimulates our imagination. Purple is also one of the most common colors in the Central Texas landscape. Purple Oxalis  One …

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