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Pride Month, Let’s Celebrate the Rainbow 🌈

As the proud mother of LGTBQ children, I am acutely aware of the need to celebrate Pride Month and the importance of equality and opportunity for everyone to be their most authentic self. 

The Pride Flag

The well known Pride Flag was originally designed with 8 colors, each with an intention and was created to invoke emotion. Much like a landscape design, tapestry or any work of art, color is used to add context, to draw attention and to provoke empathy, understanding, enlightenment and idealism. 

Much like the flag of the United States, certain colors raise emotions, inspire memories, yield caution, authority, royalty or wealth.

Wealth to my mind is the colors of the rainbow. A celebration of all of God’s many gifts of arrays the human eye can adore, but more importantly, attract wildlife and pollinators from a distance. This combination of color celebrates the uniqueness each color represents as does the Pride Flag for its celebration of the unique tapestry of people that make our country and community a whole. 

when designing your space, choose colors that represent you and experiment with opposing colors to create drama and interesting contrast. Express yourself in a wash of color, texture, scent and structure. Our individualism is what makes each space so special. We are fortunate to have colors in hardiness zone 8 a/b that range from pink, red, orange, yellow green, silver, variegated, blue and purple. 

Xeriscape means low water plants and trees. It doesn’t have to mean dusty and spikey.


Down the line of colors from the original design, we celebrate Hot Pink. This color was chosen to represent sexuality and nature is certainly celebrating it, so why shouldn’t we. 

PInk Salivia Greggi 

Peggy Martin climbing rose

Pink Yarrow


Red was used to celebrate life, and there isn’t a single person or flower that doesn’t deserve that.

Firemans Cap Coral been

Home Run Rose, low water low maintenance.

Red Daylily


Orange is the symbol of healing. Our world is in more need of that than ever before and it’s good to be reminded that it begins with us. 

Flowering and fruiting pomegranate tree

Pride of Barbados

Orange Global mallow


yellow is the color of sunlight, which without, rainbows wouldn’t be possible.

Flowering Dill weed

Mexican Mint Merigold

Jerusalem Sage


Obviously, green is the color of nature. My favorite color since I was a kid (along with red). Mother Nature was very clever to give each plant a unique color and texture to identify the many layers of green in nature and the landscape is a perfect place to embrace them all. 

Turquoise, Indigo and Violet

The original Pride flag also included turquoise (art), indigo (serenity)and violet (spirit). Variations of blue/green, lavender, purple, light to dark blues and these colors represented as creative, peaceful and heavenly colors. 

All together they create the most magical spaces where each color is as unique to itself as the collaboration is work of art. 

Sometimes our rainbows are doubled and they are blessings worth counting and celebrating.  🌈 ❤️♥️❤️

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape and Design

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