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Beautiful, Healthy Basil

My absolute favorite herb and there are so many healthy reasons to love it!

Lisa's Landscape & Design

I love basil, it hits all the notes for me. Much like cilantro, which is my second fave I’d suppose, it is also a strong and pungent herb that really takes over your senses in a herbaciously delightful manner. Native to India, basil was held in great reverence and was used by Indians to swear their oaths in court.

basil Beautiful flowering Basil

In Italy Basil symbolizes love. Italian suitors signaled their love by courting with a sprig of basil in their hair. Probably the reason I cannot get enough of it 😉 In Mexico it is carried around in the hope of returning a lover’s roving eye.

Basil was found growing around Christ’s tomb after the resurrection, and it has been used in the preparation of holy water in the Greek Orthodox church. Pots of basil are kept around the church alters. In some cultures it was feared that scorpions…

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