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“Round Up” Is Going Up!

This is a very interesting article and I have been saying this for years!  While being trained as a Master Gardener it was taught that Round Up is a recommended protocol for weed control.  Not only do they recommended it as suggested by A&M but it is used heavily as weed and junk tree control by the Texas Parks (although it is recorded and controlled), it is recommended and used because it is said to “dissipate” in a few hours.
 Homeowners (who are not controlled) use it by the millions, but you have to ask “Where does it go?”  This article may contain the answer…
This next article is an independent study showing that Round Up may be related to serious illnesses such as autism, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Being a parent of two Autistic children we have to wonder what is causing 1 in 66 children to be Autistic, why are we seeing increases in Auto Immune diseases and why are we not asking more questions? Click here to read more.
For better ways to manage weed control please my article on organic weed control.
Whenever possible, always avoid chemicals isles or as I call them “Death Row” and serve for an organic solution first. There is an organic solution to every problem and organics are no more expensive to the pocket-book, and much less expensive to our planet.
Now go get your organic garden on!
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